Our Mission

Wild Peach has a core mission; to provide artist designed clothes that are stunningly beautiful, colorful, outrageous – using ethical production means for a reasonable price for our customers.

We are able to do this with the incredible advancement in digital design tools and manufacturing techniques. We feel there is an ever-increasing need for bold colorful clothing that isn’t sourced from cheap, second rate manufacturers who not only exploit their workforce but simply do not deliver a long-lasting or well made product.

The year 2020 has shown there is need for doing things differently. The clothing industry is no exception and Wild Peach stands ready to meet these challenging times.

Beautiful design

Wild Peach creates colorful and beautiful designs whose sole goal is to stand out from the bland and boring. Our designs are complex visual creations that lead the human eye to explore the artwork. We feel that our clothes are a form of artwork. Instead of taking the traditional forms like painting or sculpture they are a new form – wearable art.

All of our designs are given a number. In our shop navigation there are product tags. Where you see a number you can click on that number and see all the products that we sell that are using that particular design.

We have different approaches to our design process. They are; artistic, beautiful and colorful.


All of Wild Peach designs labelled artistic are based on an actual abstract painting. They generally have the look of a colorful splatter painting. Sometimes we add a little digital flourish over the top but essentially they are photographically based on an abstract painting from our resident artist Bert Ernie.


The goal of our designs labelled beautiful is to be somewhat more restrained than our usual fare but still offer an incredible design that is visually appealing. The design will not shout ‘look at me’ from half a mile away but upon closer inspection the detailed, colorful design will be a delight to the eye.


Now we get to the most outrageous category – Colorful! We love designs that shout ‘Look at me’. This is our most popular category. It is the main reason for the existence of Wild Peach. With our clothes labeled  colorful we have taken the color, the complexity and the design elements within to the next level. These designs are always abstract and they also often come in color variations. What we do with the clothes that have the color variations is use a singular design and create variations which are dominated by a particular hue.

In addition to these three main categories we have levels which are to describe the intensity. They are (in order of intensity) – Mild, Loud and Wild.

Wild Peach Design

Wild Peach

The name Wild Peach describes the type of person who would wear our clothes.
We associate the word wild with the following qualities.

A little crazy

As for the word peach we associate the word with the following qualities.


Wild Peach is an online store only. We offer all of our ethically hand-made clothes to order and promptly ship all of our products free of any shipping costs to our customers.

Ethical production

We are committed to making our colorful clothes in an ethical manner. We are able offer hand-made clothes which are made in the most modern of facilities in several different countries. We are able to do so by using the services of a great company like Printful.
All of our clothes are hand-made from fabric which is custom printed with our beautifully colorful designs in one of four locations.

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Riga, Latvia

We are incredibly open about who makes our products and if you would like to know more then please click on the button below.

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