Wild Peach | Design 66
Wild Peach | Design 66

The origins of Design 66

Our goal with design 66 was to create an artwork which looks like an explosion of color has taken place. There was this idea that is quite wild – it was the emergence into a parallel universe of colorful ‘energy strings’ that were simple geometric forms but are wildly colorful and dynamic. We feel we have succeeded in this.

Design 66 starts with a splat – a lot of splats, actually. We throw them around the page, separate them into layers, explode the elements that make up a ‘Wild Peach Splat’ and then randomly throw them around on the page again!

The next step is where we create some magic, we randomly assign elements like opacity and the way the ‘react’ with each other. The final step is to give some of the splat elements a little bit of a 3D look.